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The MiVue J30 is built to make your driving experience better. With its sleek design the device can be discreetly installed behind your rearview mirror, keeping your line of view clear.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 3-Axis G-Sensor
  • 4MP Sensor
  • 2.5k 1440p


The Mio MiVue J30 is designed for easy setup with its convenient "Plug & Play" feature. Although it doesn't come with a bundled microSD card, it supports external storage up to 128GB, allowing users to add their own for video recording.

This front camera is capable of capturing high-quality 2.5K resolution (1440P) video at 30 frames per second, offering a broad 140° wide-angle view.

The device is equipped with a 4-megapixel video sensor, ensuring clear and detailed recordings. Additionally, the built-in Wi-Fi feature facilitates easy connectivity with other devices, enabling seamless file transfers and live viewing.

In terms of safety features, the Mio MiVue J30 incorporates a 3-Axis G-Sensor, which can detect sudden movements or impacts. In such instances, the camera automatically saves and locks the current recording, providing crucial footage for post-incident analysis.

For users seeking a user-friendly dashboard camera with advanced features, including Wi-Fi connectivity and a reliable G-Sensor, the Mio MiVue J30 is a compelling option.

Please note that this product does not come with a microSD card. 

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