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BMW X1 F48 | 12.3 Android 13 Display with Built in Apple CarPlay & Android Auto


Transform your BMW into a tech marvel with our state-of-the-art touchscreen Android systems. The black "stealth" bezel ensures an OEM finish, while the 720P HD IPS Blue Anti Glare display provides crystal-clear visuals. Enjoy the convenience of a digital cluster on the screen, enhancing your driving experience.
2014-2017 (ID4)2017 - 2019 (ID5/6)

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  • Wireless Apple CarPlay + Android Auto
  •  720P HD IPS Blue Anti Glare Display
  • iDrive Integration
  • Worldwide Delivery
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Transform your BMW into a tech marvel with our state-of-the-art touchscreen Android systems. The black "stealth" bezel ensures an OEM finish, while the 720P HD IPS Blue Anti Glare display provides crystal-clear visuals. Enjoy the convenience of a digital cluster on the screen, enhancing your driving experience.

With built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, seamless connectivity is at your fingertips. But it doesn't stop there – our systems also allow you to download apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Google Maps directly from the Play Store, bringing entertainment and navigation to a whole new level. Upgrade your ride, modernize your dashboard, and unlock a world of possibilities with our advanced Android systems.

Here is why it stands out...

  • App Convenience:Download and enjoy your favourite apps, such as Waze, YouTube, and Google Maps, directly from the Play Store – as-well as Netflix, enhancing your on-road entertainment and navigation experience.
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay: Seamlessly connect your Apple devices with built-in wireless Apple CarPlay, eliminating the need for cumbersome dongles and ensuring a hassle-free connection.
  • Android Auto Integration: Benefit from the seamless integration of Android Auto, allowing you to mirror and control essential functions of your Android device directly on the car's display, ensuring a safe and connected drive.
  • Gaming on the Go: Elevate your journey with the ability to download and play games directly on your system, turning your car into an entertainment hub.
  • Digital Cluster: Enjoy the convenience of a digital cluster on the screen, providing essential information at a glance and enhancing your driving experience.
  • Camera Integration: Includes an inbuilt interface for both front or rear cameras, you can also add reverse / front camera to this unit. When the vehicle is in reverse, the camera image will display alongside the PDC screen.
  • Screen Mirroring: Mirror your smartphone screen, whether it's Apple or Android, for a seamless integration of your mobile device with your car's display.
  • Media Centre:Watch movies and play songs directly from your USB, giving you more control over your in-car entertainment.
  • Built-in 4G LTE:Stay connected on the go with built-in 4G LTE, and even have the option to attach a SIM card for continuous connectivity.
  • Retain Your iDrive System:Keep your CIC/NBT iDrive system intact, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two interfaces by holding the menu button.
  • Android 13 OS: Powered by the Android 13 operating system, our system ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Key Features


Experience seamless navigation with our systems, equipped with a GPS antenna for offline map usage. Alternatively, enjoy the flexibility of downloading popular navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, Maps.me, or any other preferred app directly from the app store. 

Plus, effortlessly integrate these features with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, providing you with a diverse array of navigation options to suit your preferences. Navigate with ease, whether online or offline, and make the most of your journey with our advanced system


Indulge in a new level of in-car entertainment with our cutting-edge units. Immerse yourself in a Netflix and Chill experience, stream YouTube or Amazon Prime, and even catch live sports right from the comfort of your car. Our state-of-the-art units are not just entertainment powerhouses—they also seamlessly integrate with third party apps IPTV for an extended array of viewing options.

One standout feature is our innovative split-screen mode, allowing you to have Netflix and another app  side by side. 

Apple carplay & android auto - built in as standard

Absolutely, we offer Built-In Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with our units—no more dealing with floppy dongles. Why shell out extra for these essential features? 

Our units provide seamless integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enhancing your driving experience without the need for additional costs or inconvenient accessories.

digital speedo

Choose from 7 stunning colours to personalize your display. The dashboard showcases key features such as engine RPM, speed, fuel levels, and temperature, all conveniently accessible on the Android screen. 

Experience the future of driving technology with a sleek and intuitive interface built right into your dashboard.

New UI finish

Experience the OEM aesthetic seamlessly with our Android systems, designed in the 'ID5, ID6, ID7, ID8' style. 

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: Snapdragon Octa-core Processor 662
  • RAM: 4G with 64G Rom
  • Wifi/ 4G: Both, Built in Sim Card Port
  • Screen: 720HD IPS Blue Anti Glare Touchscreen Display
  • Resolution: 1280x720
  • Android OS: Android 13


This kit uses the AUX for sound output. Please ensure that your vehicle has a working AUX port.

If it does not, please add the AUX Retrofit to your basket.

Demonstration video 


Do you offer fitting services?

We provide installation services for all our products, and our location is in Hull, East Yorkshire. Our services extend to mobile fitting, offering the convenience of installations at a location of your choice. Moreover, we have a network of registered approved installers, ensuring professional and reliable service. Whether you prefer on-site installations or through our network

How long does installation take?

It usually takes 1-3 hours to install this unit, depending on your technical abilities. We do provide installation an installation service also - this is not included in the product price.

Can you add cameras to this?

This product supports front or rear cameras. We have a selection of cameras available on our site.

Does this affect my warranty?

In general, installing our MMI systems should not void your warranty. Our products are fully reversible, allowing you to install and uninstall them as needed without causing any harm to your original vehicle components. However, it's essential to note that there may be exceptions for specific cars, particularly those where the installation involves opening the original manufacturer warranty seals on the radio head unit to install a PCB board component. To ensure clarity, we recommend checking with your vehicle's warranty provider for confirmation.

How long does delivery take?

This item is available for immediate dispatch. Once this has been dispatched, delivery is within 1-2 working days.

***Please check the delivery options at the checkout page for accurate timescales***

Does this require coding?

This product does not require coding. It is plug and play.

Do you offer solutions for other vehicles?

Yes, please contact us with more information. 

Bavarian Automotive offer a range of delivery services depending on the item chosen. Items will be dispatched once payment is confirmed.

Please refer to the shipping options at checkout for accurate delivery times. 

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