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BMW Boot Handle Reverse Camera HD

Introducing our advanced Reverse Camera designed exclusively for BMW vehicles, seamlessly compatible with both Android and CarPlay systems. Elevate your driving experience with the following features:

Key Features:

  1. Plug and Play Installation:

    • Effortlessly install with a plug-and-play setup, ensuring a hassle-free and quick integration into your BMW.
  2. No Cutting or Drilling Required:

    • Maintain the sleek aesthetics of your BMW as our camera system requires no cutting or drilling during installation.
  3. Dynamic Moving Lines:

    • Enjoy the convenience of Dynamic Moving Lines that intuitively adjust with your steering wheel movements, providing enhanced guidance for parking and maneuvering.
  4. Automatic Display in Reverse:

    • Experience convenience and safety with the automatic display activation when shifting into reverse gear.
  5. Compatibility with Parking Sensors:

    • Seamlessly integrates with your BMW's parking sensors, enhancing overall parking assistance.

Two Size Options:

  • Ensure compatibility by selecting the appropriate size based on your BMW's boot handle dimensions:
    • 11cm: Suitable for BMW E60 5 series, E70 X5 X6, E9x 3 Series, E84 X1.
    • 16.4cm: Specifically designed for BMW F10 5 Series, F25 F30 3 Series, F48.

Upgrade your BMW's safety and convenience with our cutting-edge Reverse Camera, combining ease of installation with intelligent features for a superior driving experience.



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