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BMW Lifetime Apple CarPlay Activation
Activate Apple CarPlay on your BMW! Play your favourite songs, make phone calls, reply to messages and more - safely with this activation feature! We supply you with a lifetime activation code, no need to renew every year!
NBTEvo_G (USB Activation)NBTEvo_H (USB Activation)NBTEvo_I (USB Activation)NBTEvo_J (USB Activation)NBTEvo_K (USB Activation)NBTEvo_L (USB Activation)NBTEvo_M (USB Activation)NBTEvo_N (USB Activation)NBTEvo_O (USB Activation)NBTEvo_P (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_Q (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_R (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_S (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_T (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_U (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_V (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_W (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_X (DIY Activation)NBTEvo_Y (DIY Activation)

Vin Number

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • All iDrive features retained. Full OEM Integration
  • Aftersales support
  • Worldwide Delivery
Note: Depending on the software version of your vehicle, this code/ file will be sent to you within 24 hours.


Apple CarPlay is a technology developed by Apple Inc. that allows users to integrate their iPhones with compatible vehicles. It provides a simplified and safer way to use certain iPhone features and apps while driving, utilising the car's built-in display and controls.

With Apple CarPlay, users can make phone calls, send and receive text messages, access their contacts, listen to music, use navigation services like Apple Maps, and use other supported apps such as podcasts, audiobooks, and messaging apps. The system also supports Siri, Apple's voice-activated assistant, which allows users to control CarPlay functions and access information hands-free.

Top Features

  • Full Apple CarPlay Functionality for iPhone 5 and above
  • Compatible with latest IOS and the latest iPhones
  • Use of Original Screen and Controls
  • Full GPS Navigation via Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze
  • Music Streaming via Spotify, Apple Music etc
  • Handsfree Calling and Messaging via Siri


Apple CarPlay Activation is compatible with most BMW ID5 / ID6 Professional Media Headunits from 2016. 

You will need to confirm your NBTEvo_ software version when purchasing.

To do this, see below.

Navigation -> Options -> Navigation -> Scroll down to Position and Version -> Version Information.

Your car may need a WiFi Antenna for Apple CarPlay to work. Send us an email or message and we can check this for you. We sell WiFi Antennas, see here --> https://bavarian-automotive.co.uk/collections/bmw-carplay/products/bmw-nbt-evo-id5-id6-wifi-antenna

Depending on the software version, your car may only allow split-screen CarPlay - see below for details.

Full Screen Apple CarPlay

  • NBTEvo_N (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_O (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_P (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_Q (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_R (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_S (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_T (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_U (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_W (DIY Activation)
  • NBTEvo_X (DIY Activation)


  • NBTEvo_G (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_H (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_I (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_J (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_K (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_L (USB Activation)
  • NBTEvo_M (USB Activation)

The process..

We offer USB Activation and DIY (ENET Cable) Activation, depending on the software version - see above.

USB Activation

This method of coding is performed by inserting a USB drive into the armrest USB port. We will email you a coding file, which needs to be transferred onto a USB drive. This process can take up to 15 minutes

ENET Cable Activation

For software versions after NBTEvo_O, Apple CarPlay will need to be activated via cable (We sell these cables - see below). We will send a link to our activation software, enter in the code and CarPlay will be unlocked.

For this, you will need an OBD to ENET cable, which plugs into the OBD port of your BMW and the ethernet port on your Windows laptop (this software will not work with Mac computers).

**All codes will be sent within 24 hours (Monday to Saturday). The activation code is NON REFUNDABLE, as it is coded to the VIN**


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BMW NBT EVO ID5 ID6 Wifi Antenna

Have an older BMw requiring Carplay integration?

See below, we offer Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Integration kits for most BMW's manufactured after 2005.

Why Buy From Us?

We are the UK's Leading Specialist in CarPlay Integration, we offer kits and solutions for various cars including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, VW, Porsche and more. 

  • OEM Activation

    We use dealer level software to activate features in your BMW

  • UK Based & Registered

    Yorkshire Based. Top Level pre sales & after sales support.

  • Worldwide Delivery

    We offer CarPlay activation to customers worldwide, ensuring seamless integration for your vehicle, no matter where you are. Fast Delivery!